We do not bill insurance directly, but will provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for re-imbursement

We can process HSA/FSA cards or provide a receipt.  Massage/Bodywork/Stretching may require a prescription for it to be a valid FSA/HSA expense, but we have not had any issue processing the cards.

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There are a lot of named muscle techniques with trademarks and certifications coming from physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists that follow very specific assessment and treatment plans. While some therapists at the Trainer’s Table may have certifications, we do not require or advertise them. We use a customized treatment specific to The Trainer’s Table. If you have a particular technique that has worked for you, ask our staff about it or describe the technique. We strive to be educated on all modalities.

We offer stretching and massage.  There are different techniques to both stretching and massage.  We use a blend, primarily influenced by PNF stretching and Neuromuscular Therapy (sometimes referred to as trigger point).  At The Trainer’s Table, we all work from the same signature Ultimate Stretch routine, but it is adapted for each therapist and they adapt to each client. For a massage, we all work with a therapeutic mindset – targeting pain relief AND relaxation.  If you’re holding your breath we’re all doing it wrong.  Pain relief doesn’t have to be painful.

Lots of places will offer ‘Deep Tissue’ to mean stronger pressure/ more therapeutic and ‘Swedish’ to mean spa-experience with a variety of add-ons/upgrades and various prices. We do not have a waterfall room, nor do we strive to leave you sore and bruised for the next 3 days. We just give THE BEST MASSAGE!



We don’t offer a 30 minute massage, but our 30 minute Ultimate Stretch includes a lot of massage techniques and if you prefer, we can focus on that.  The main thing is we aren’t taking off clothing in a 30 minute session.  Typically we wouldn’t use oils, lotions or cremes in a 30 minute session, but may if accessible.  IE: wearing shorts and wanting a calve massage.

Our staff can not diagnose or prescribe for any injury.  We are all massage therapists.  We can not tell you if something is broken/torn/sprained/strained.  Likely, we will refer you to the appropriate medical professional. 

This is highly dependent. Generally speaking we’re looking at 6-12 weeks post surgery before we work on anything.  Doctor’s note/permission certainly helps.  Again, depending on what was done, we may be able to work around.

Well, could you do the splits before your session? Your results may vary.

Our business is based on “I would stretch more if I could lay there and someone would do it for me.” 

We do not currently provide any recommendations for self-care.  Searching YouTube, Instagram, or Google for “pre-hab”, “Mobility”, “range of motion”, “joint articulation” should help provide some ideas.  “Nerve flossing” and “nerve gliding” also are some good movement patterns, especially for referred pain issues. 

While joints ‘popping’ during a session sometimes happens, it is not a goal or objective.  We do not thrust or tug with the intent to manipulate the spine. We can refer you to a chiropractor for adjustments

The best time to come in is during business hours.  Seriously though, it is somewhat of a personal preference. Before or after a workout will depend on your body and your work out.  If you come in an hour or two before your workout, make sure you warm up again before starting to workout. After your workout could depend on your intensity of the workout. The best thing is to experiment at different times and see how you respond.

As often as you want!  We offer bundles for discounted sessions of four, six, or eight sessions.  It really depends on you.   

ABSOLUTELY! We don’t have a client app yet, but maybe soon.

We frequently have same day appointments available.  The online booking will show 2.5 hours from now. You can also inquire via text or phone or walk-in.

Absolutely NOT! We do have stretch events and parties though.  WAY BETTER!

The one that is available at the time you want to come in.  They are all awesome.

No.  You can.  If you want.  But you don’t have to.

First visit, I recommend either the 30/30 combo or the 30 minute Ultimate Stretch.

Clothes that you can move in. 

We definitely see weekend warriors, people getting back into fitness, amateur and pro athletes, people who did too much yard work and people who woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  

Wrong kind of table. No food here.

She doesn’t work as much these days.  How come no one asks about Rocco?

Sure! The waivers all have to be signed by a parent or guardian.  16 and over can come in without a parent after the initial visit. Under 16, we only recommend the 30 min Ultimate Stretch and parents are expected to be present. 10-12 is about the youngest we see.  Also, if you’re going to be here, we recommend booking an appointment for yourself at the same time.  

Have a question that we haven't answered here?  Contact us and we will answer you as quickly as we can! 

Temporarily Closed

We are closed for now due to COVID-19. 

We look forward to serving you again soon. 

Stay safe and well!