Remote Events

Bring the Trainer’s Table to Your  Office or Event!

We come to you now! It can be a one time event or recurring scheduled visit – Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly Or Quarterly.

Compared to chair massage, we’re able to work on legs with stretching and massage techniques, which is where a lot of back pain comes from.


At Your Office

We recommend 10 minute sessions, but can provide other length sessions(5, 15, 20, etc) to meet the needs of the business and number of people.
We can provide focus work on problem/pain points
~10×10 Space Needed Per Therapist (we can work smaller, but our table is just over 6×3 and we need room to walk around on all sides.)

Options based on 10 minute stretches.  Pricing is based on total time onsite.

  • 10 Stretches – 1 Therapist 2 Hours – $210
  • 15 Stretches – 1 Therapist 3 Hours – $290
  • 20 Stretches – 2 Therapists 2 Hours – $370
  • 30 Stretches – 2 Therapists 3 Hours – $530
DSC 0310
Outdoor tent for remote events at the Trainer's Table

At Your Event:

At an event we recommend two therapists and we provide an administrator.

Indoor or Outdoor, weather permitting.  We have our own canopy.

~ 5 Minute Sessions, We Strive To Keep The Line Moving So Everyone That Wants, Can Get On A Table.

  • 2 Therapists 1 Hour – $210
  • 2 Therapists 2 Hours – $370
  • 2 Therapists 3 Hours – $530

Call Us to Customize Your Event.  We suggest planning for 10-25% of event attendance to get on the table.

Temporarily Closed

We are closed for now due to COVID-19. 

We look forward to serving you again soon. 

Stay safe and well!