Note: Our walk-in stretch  service has been suspended during this time.  We do plan to resume this service when we feel it is appropriate. If you have prepaid for the walk-in stretches, these can be used for the Scheduled Ultimate Stretch, which is a longer service.

Stretching Session

Ultimate Stretch – $45
  • A scheduled appointment, ~30 minutes on the table.
  • All therapists work from a common routine so you will get a similar experience from all therapists.  Some adjustments are made based on therapist size/preference.  A 5’1″ therapist uses different leverage than a 6’2″ one does.
  • The routine is adjusted to the needs of the client. We do a total body stretch, but provide extra attention to problem areas. Pain in one area can indicate a problem elsewhere. Tight hips can cause shoulder tension in compensation, for example.
Massage Table

Massage Session

 Traditional Massage – $85
  • A scheduled appointment, ~60 minutes on the table.
  • This is a traditional massage in a private room, with oil/lotion used along with draping. 
  • Each therapist uses an eclectic blend of their preferred specialties and modalities depending on the need and request of the client.
  • We do not differentiate pricing on modalities such as deep tissue, swedish, NMT, Sports, etc.  


All of our services are now in 30 minute increments.  We are offering prepaid bundles that can be used for any service as a 30 minute unit.  So, a 60 minute massage would be two 30 minute units. These are meant to be used in combinations, so alternating 30 minute and 60 minute sessions every week would be a great way to leverage a 3 hour bundle.
  • 1 thirty minute unit                             –  $45

  • 2 thirty minute units (1 hour)            – $85      ($42.50 per unit)

  • 3 thirty minute units (90 minutes)  – $125    ($41.67 per unit)

  • 4 thirty minute units (2 hours)         – $155    ($38.75 per unit)

  • 6 thirty minute units (3 hours)          – $210    ($35.00 per unit)

Additional Service Options:

Our additional services are variations of our primary services, Stretching or Massage.  Generally speaking, they are longer sessions. We would recommend that it is better to come in more often for shorter sessions, when considering how often you want to come in.

  • 60 Minute Ultimate Stretch
  • 30 Minute Stretch/30 Minute Massage Combination
  • 90 Minute Massage
  • 30 Minute Stretch/ 60 Minute Massage
  • 2 hour Massage

Temporarily Closed

We are closed for now due to COVID-19. 

We look forward to serving you again soon. 

Stay safe and well!